Welcome to Organic Kitchen 

We believe that food should taste good and should be good for you. Having lived in China for many years; we have been shocked time and time again by recurrent news about farmers using toxic chemicals on crops that have adverse effects on our health and our safety.

We purchase our products from passionate local organic growers and keep our environmental impact and carbon footprint as low as possible. We believe it is the only way to go for sustainable growth and that it highlights our commitment to the safety of our health and our environment.

We are not only passionate about organic produce; we have a great love for the foods and tastes of the culinary masterpieces we have experienced in other countries. Our dishes and ingredients are carefully selected and tested to make sure that we are offering you authentic tastes from the best the world has to offer.

Back when we were only a simple delivery service, the passion and the support of people who ordered from us made us believe we were on the right track. We hope that you continue to eat with us and thank you for your support so far. We have gone a long way and but the journey is not yet over.