Our goal is to source as much organic ingredients as are available in Shanghai to prepare our dishes; if it exists, we’ve found it!

Organic vs. Non-Organic

Roughly 70% of our ingredients are organic. Some foods are simply unavailable in organic form in Shanghai, such as organic Parmesan cheese, but the vast majority of the ingredients we use to prepare food at Organic Kitchen are organic. Please note that when an organic ingredient we normally use is no longer available, we sometimes purchase food with traceable certification until the organic ingredient is available again.

Moreover, some producers cannot afford the organic certification but we verify that their produce is grown following the same sustainable ethos. For example, our beef comes from reliable sources using no hormones, antibiotic free and 100% grass fed and follow best farming methods available.


We make our own pita bread and flat bread from certified organic flour. All of our other breads come from Haubi's Danish bakery. We have carefully selected among their organic breadsand established a partnership in which their baguettes finish their baking cycle in our ovens so that we can offer oven-fresh baguettes to ours customers every day.


We only use organic vegetables. Our menu often does not specify which vegetables are in a particular dish because we know that certain organic vegetables are not available year-round., so we substitute vegetables when they aren't available. For our salads, we use a variety of organic lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, etc.


We exclusively use free range chicken. Our poultry provider uses a new revolutionary method to breed antibiotic-free chicken. Conventional chickens are raised on antibiotics and new strains of diseases have become resistant to standard treatments because of the widespread use of antibiotics. The chickens are also fed without harmful chemicals, in other words they eat 100% plant-based food enriched with probiotic bacteria. The chickens are bred in specially constructed coops. We’re proud to say that our chickens are far more delicious than conventional ones; they’re healthier and their meat has 30% less fat.

Because we have not been able to find organic beef, only one of our dishes has beef. We source our beef from a Metro-certified Starfarm. Starfarms are safer and healthier thanks to Metro’s strict inspection standards. However, the moment that organic beef is available in Shanghai we will be sure to use it to create new and exciting dishes. Our goal is to use more and more organic produce as it becomes available.

Lastly, we use organic black pig raised in a special organic farm located in Anhui. The pigs are allowed to graze the land and the taste of their meat is far superior to the ones found locally. We only use it in our Organic Club Wrap.


Organic Kitchen Shanghai always uses purified drinkable water using Japanese technology. The water is also used for our soups and all of our cooking as well as washing our vegetables.

Cooking Oil

We always try to go light on cooking oils, as Chinese restaurants often over- use oil. When a recipe requires oil, we use a little amount of camelia oil to cook Chinese food. This oil has been rated as one of the healthiest and safest oil on the market today. We use organic extra virgin olive oil for Italian food, hummus, and all salad dressings.

Cheese and Bio French Salamis

We source conventional cheese as we have not been able to find an organic alternative in the market. However, as soon as we find them we will have them added in our dishes.

Our cold platter comes with Bio French Saucisson imported from France  and non organic locally sourced parma ham and smoked ham. Our cold cut platter is now offered in response to popular demand as a complement to our organic wines. A perfect savory dish with a great glass of organic/biodynamic wine!

Other Ingredients

We try to use as many organic ingredients as we can find. If we can't find something organic, we make it ourselves. We use organic sesame seeds to produce our own fresh tahini and humus sauce. We even use organic chocolate for our chocolate mousse nirvana.

No MSG/No preservatives

Organic Kitchen Shanghai has a ZERO MSG and ZERO PRESERVATIVE policy. We do not put MSG in any of the dishes, whether they are Western or Chinese dishes.


Our wine list offers a superb range of wines with over 50% organic and biodynamic wines from both the Old and the New Worlds. We offer wines from familiar grapes and regions along as well as rarities from hidden corners of the wine making world, including some exciting vintages from South Africa whose bottles are lighter than standard bottles, thus substantially decreasing their carbon footprint. Finally, all of our wines have been carefully tested for taste to make sure that each of them will offer you a great aromatic experience and a smooth taste.